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Yes, I want to change the script for women…

And I want to create a new brand story for girls and their future…

So, they can dream on becoming whatever they want and fly without having any limits.

And I believe the power lies in our women stories and that each of us is the “heroine of our journey”.

When I was a young girl, there wasn’t a day that I would not have imagined an incredible Universe with amazing characters and at the center of the story was “she” saving the world.


My theory of the heroine has taken me many years to understand and develop even into a script structure for women, because when I went to film school all I’ve heard and learned was the “hero’s journey”.

And during my many years working in TV with well known female celebrities like Shakira, Selena, Christina Aguilera, Donna Karen and many others is that I realized that although they were talented, beautiful and strong their voices were not being heard.

It was as if their managers, agents or music labels were prepping them on the script they had to perform once the cameras turned on. I felt as if instead of hearing them talk their voices “were being silenced” and we were all missing out on the opportunity of becoming inspired with their journeys, struggles and defeats that turned them into stars.

Even my own voice back than was silenced when I attempted to create and bring to life projects or productions that revolved around a women and my vision shoved in a drawer and forgotten.


This is why when I left television after seventeen years of being the face of Hispanic media companies like Televisa, Univision and Telemundo I decided to take a break for a few years first to focus on motherhood.

And than I began to explore how in the next chapter of my life story I would put my many years of experience and knowledge to help bring the “heroines” to life and to the screen and platform of the world.


Here I am. Today not only am I the founder of La Mariposa Films https://lamariposafilms.com, a production and storytelling studio focus on female content and in addition helping women produce their own stories with a cinematic value in their production. But I am also teaching them how to use their voice in front of the cameras or for their next event appearance and how they need to structure their “heroine story” so we can all be inspired with their personal journeys.


In addition, I will be speaking and participating in events to help companies and the world understand that as women we not only deserve a seat in the table but that today “our women stories” matter more than ever. Because if “she can see it, she can be it”. A new script needs to be written about us, it is time and the cameras are rolling. I say it is action time!


The Storyteller

Yovanka Sanchez

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