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While it is true that before COVID-19 as women we were making great strides in business and in many other  fields there were still many challenges that we needed to overcome. And now with this pandemic in our equation we might feel as if a more difficult road is ahead of us.

The Future Is Bright

But I truly believe that it is completely the opposite because as we already know it is in the mist of chaos, that there is opportunity and it looks bright. Where is that? In our women stories.

As I share with many great ladies who have approached me about my famous quote “your story is your power” I tell you my readers the same thing, today more than ever it is your woman story that will serve you in the most unimaginable ways to move you forward and continue conquering your goals regardless if it is for your business, life or purpose. This is your magic tool!

Michelle Obama Story

A great example of this is Michelle Obama’s best-selling book “Becoming” which according to publisher Penguin Random House sold more than 10 million copies less than five months after its release. Seven hundred thousand copies were sold on the first day, 1.4 million in the first week, making “Becoming” the fastest selling book of 2018; experts say it will be a tough record to beat, even for her husband, Barack Obama, who has yet to release a memoir of his presidential years. And most recently the documentary premiering on Netflix of the same name, already a huge success for the platform.

In it she touches on race and being a woman and struggling to be heard and seen and it is a paramount of Obama’s discussions with a group of young women, many African American, with whom she meets at events associated with the book tour.

“I hope my story urges you to see the power of your story, and to own that,” says Obama to a young woman named Shayla”

Great stories move us, inspire us like Michelle story does for so many  young girls and women across the globe. They have the power to tap into our emotions and create a sense of wanderlust and a human connection.

The Digital Era…

It is in this digital time, when we are being flooded with content more than ever, that what will make us stand out from the rest, it is our story. The emotion is what makes it powerful.

Embrace the power of your woman story and see where it takes you or your brand — and always keep your vision and mission in mind to help guide you but most importantly your why? Why are you doing what you’re doing? This is ultimately what will draw people to you and your brand. Bring your audience into your Universe and turn them into your loyal audience, fans or clients.

We are in a time in history that the world needs women voices, strength courage and intelligence to change the course of our humanity and of our future generations.

And this in turn will also help us move forward from this challenging times with our businesses and live’s.Yes, going from the classic archetype structure of the hero, as he travels from catalyst to climax and conclusion, a metaphor for the transformation that most people want to achieve but instead from a female perspective as women forging a new path forward to triumph as heroines.

From a content perspective, we have to use storytelling to be memorable and connect with people at the heart in a very saturated media world. The most powerful storytelling is actually quiet and subtle…

“Storytelling is not about language. It’s about telling and creating stories in a compelling way. It’s about finding the right metaphors, and above all the structure in which to tell a story. In doing so, the storyteller recreates a part of life and generates a story that is easily remembered and unique to that particular brand.” – Guido Everaert

As a storyteller, who is passionate about making an impact, I want to help women understand this power, especially in this moment in time where I know many female entrepreneurs or ladies in business don’t know how to navigate through all the noise. Now it is my job to support them in curating a visual identity that it is really honest and truthful to who they are.If you are a woman and my words resonated with you today than I’ve done my job right because with one of you that I’ve touched it is good enough for me.  So now, what are you waiting for?




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