$ $300.00

Per Month

The finding your story package guarantees that you will always have a story to tell. In this online session, Yovanka will walk you through the essential techniques and strategies to accessing the unlimited supply of powerful stories that are locked within your memory and will free your woman’s voice.

  • Over a 2-hour video confe-rence session where Yovanka teaches you her secrets to having an unlimited supply of stories to tell
  • Why you have a story to tell (even if you think you don’t)
  • Where to find your stories that center on common human experiences and turning points that can create an emotional connection
  • Key triggers to prompt a flood of stories you have locked away in the cave of your mind.


$ $600.00 / $500.00

Per Month

The crafting your heroine story package is the key to turning your story- scraps into your power. In this session Yovanka shares with you what she elaborated as the “Heroine” formula for creating the perfect compelling story every time to move your audience and inspire them. It is her time- tested, never-before-revealed secret that works with all kind of audiences and the formula that Hollywood most successful films use.

  • Over four hours in person ($600) or four hours in a video conference ($500) Yovanka will teach you the secret of taking any story and making it move any audience
  • A pdf. guide manual created by her to guide you on a structure to follow
  • Why crafting a story correctly is what engages and moves people?
  • Key enhancement techniques (body language, voice tone, pauses, looks) to make your story unforgettable and amazing!.


$ $500.00 / $400.00

Per Month

Influence with story package is to help you go deeper into the power of your stories. Yovanka will go over three hours in person ($500) or three hours in a video conference ($400)through them with you and cover these topics:

  • Why storytelling is your most powerful tool you have as a woman
  • Getting attention with your story
  • Choosing the right story to tell for your purpose
  • Differentiating yourself from the rest
  • Selling but with a story so you can connect emotionally and create action
  • Why we don’t get to tell our woman’s stories
  • The ultimate storytelling framework
  • Things Yovanka will share with you 1-on-one

Access to Yovanka’s experience with many influential ladies and female celebrities with whom she worked during her many years in the media industry and their techniques. You can ask questions and get answers to your most vexing story challenges.